CPS Test 1 Second

The cps test 1 second is simply the click speed test of 1 second. All you have to do is start clicking away right at the moment you start without waiting. Because the time limit is of 1 second, you need to be very speedy.

Left hand side box is the place where you want to measure your mouse cps test in 1 second.

Why 1 Second Click Test?

The click per second test is available in multiple time frames as this can be very useful to test your CPS. You will be surprised to know that your CPS will vary with varying time frames. This happens because some people are good with clicking fast in a short span of time whereas some people can click better in a longer time span.

The 1 second, 5 seconds, etc. help you figure out which type of clicker you are. It helps you in determining your position as a player when you are in a tournament. If you are good at clicking more and clicking faster in a short time, your CPS score will be higher in the 1 second test, 2 seconds cps test, and maybe some times 5 seconds cps test also. If not, you might be good at clicking faster in longer spans of time and will have a higher CPS score in

How to Take Click Speed Test 1 Second?

CPS Test 1 Second

It is very easy and similar to the kohi clicker. All you have to do is start clicking where it says “Click Here to Start Playing” and start clicking like a maniac! It is advisable to use jitter clicking as you have a very short period of time and is not advisable to use butterfly or any other technique as you will not have enough time to shift and shuffle between your fingers.

If you did not already know, there are different techniques involved in getting a higher cps score in different time frames. If it is a short 1 second click speed test then you might not require any special technique except clicking away as fast as you can in that single second. This is helpful in PC gaming during the last seconds of a final fight you have to beat the opponent just by a few strokes’ difference. Thus, taking the click speed test 1 second long can help you win in the last second of a game when you are about to lose by a very small margin. It is a lifesaver and the skill can only be improved with practice.

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