Click Test 10 Seconds

A click test 10 seconds is like any other normal click per second test that helps you know your number of clicks per second as well as the total number of clicks in that session of 10 seconds. As we know the full form of CPS is clicks per second and in the 10 seconds time frame, you get more than enough time to test your clicking that too with various styles of clicking!

You can practice and try out several styles and techniques of clicking like jitter tapping and butterfly clicking along with several others. As the 10 second time limit is not too short to randomly click away without any thought and not too long for a 30 second or 1 minute strategy for getting a higher number of clicks per second, it is perfect. That being said, you will definitely need to make a plan as to how to spend those 10 seconds on the mouse wisely utilizing every microsecond, every pause of your finger, and making every click count.

What is a Click Speed Test 10 Seconds?

click test 10 seconds

The method to test your clicks per second or test your CPS remains the same for every time frame and within every time limit. The only thing that will be different is your strategy and your planning according to the time you have selected to practice for. For testing your clicking speed in 10 seconds, follow these steps:

  1. Go to cpstests.online from your browser on your personal computer.
  2. You will find the options of various time length tests like 1 second clicking test, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, and so on.
  3. Click on the time frame you want to take the CPS test for.
  4. Click where it says “Click here to start”.
  5. This will start your test time and without waiting for even a moment, start clicking.
  6. The score will be displayed automatically after the selected time limit ends. It will show your rank from the four ranks that we have, your clicks per second, and also your total number of clicks in 10 seconds.

Finding your click speed test 10 seconds score is very easy using this guide as it is very similar to the Kohi click tester. You also get unlimited practice for improving your CPS test score every time because this is free of cost and does not require anything from you except a working computer or laptop and an internet connection.

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