Click Test 5 Seconds

A click test 5 seconds is not at all different from the 1 second or 2 seconds test of CPS. Other things remaining constant, the time interval here for clicking is of exactly 5 seconds. It is often preferred by players who have little time for practicing but want to practice better than just jitter clicking for a second or two. This click test 5 seconds long is very similar to the kohi click tester and gives you a better idea of your clicking capability and you can make the right decisions and take steps as to what you want to improve in your clicking.

It also helps the players to take rest between long intervals of clicking and does not pose a threat of injury to the hand of the player. The injury is usually the result of excessive clicking.

Excessive clicking happens in 1 and 2 second tests as well because they are short and addictive. The player disregards the time while practicing away more than 30 to 40 sessions in one go.

The 5 seconds click test gives enough time to practice as well as to rest. It is often considered ideal for practicing by many hardcore players of Minecraft and other computer games.

Types Of Click Test 5 Seconds

Click Test 5 Seconds

There are various types and techniques of clicking. However, not most are usable or easily practicable in the 1 second or 2 seconds click speed tests. The 5 second CPS test time limit is perfect as it is neither very long nor very short. You can use the following types of clicking in a 5 second CPS Test.

Regular Clicking

Regular clicking is the most common type of clicking using a mouse. It gives you the least CPS score which can be anywhere between 3 to 8 clicks per second. This is the most basic and traditional way of clicking and is not acceptable in gaming at all.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is the next simplest technique of clicking fast to get a higher frequency of the click per second ratio. What you can do is follow the steps given in the jitter clicking method to test CPS and gain a higher CPS score.

Butterfly Clicking

The butterfly clicking technique can improve very well in the 5 seconds click test as it requires time. The time is mostly required for alternating between the two buttons and two fingers. Moreover, 5 seconds is also not a long time frame so as to slow you down. It keeps you on your toes and at the edge of your seat.

Drag Clicking

This method is often considered unfair to use in the gaming arena, however, you can get insanely high clicks per second with this method. As you have a 5 second duration, you can easily practice drag clicking and see how much your score is in the CPS test!

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