How To Take a Click Test 60 Seconds?

A mouse click test 60 seconds is a long sport. Before beginning, behold yourself, take a few deep breaths and read the instructions given below carefully. This 1 minute CPS test will need you to have the following:

  • A working computer with a mouse
  • Internet connection

Guide for 60 Second Click Speed Test

  1. Open your browser on your personal computer or laptop and access cpstests.online.
  2. You will find the options of various time lengths of CPS test like 1 second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, and so on.
  3. Click on the 60 seconds time interval.
  4. Click where it says “Click here to start” and your test will begin.
  5. This will start your test time and without waiting for even a moment, start clicking.
  6. The score will be displayed automatically after the selected time limit ends.
  7. It will show your rank from the four ranks that are provided for the clickers to determine your standing, your clicks per second, and also your total number of clicks in those 60 seconds.
  8. Select “Retry” or “Try Again” in case you are not satisfied and want to take the test again.

However, a click test 60 seconds is long so it is not advisable to retake it back to back without a break as it can cause injuries to your arms, hands, wrists, and fingers. This can also happen when jittering clicks are made excessively.

Types of Clicking for a Click Test – 60 Seconds

Click Test 60 Seconds

As the click test 60 seconds clicker test is 1 minute long, you need to have a strategy and various clicking techniques will help you make clicks faster. Below are a few techniques of clicking used by pro gamers. These techniques were also used on the kohi clicks per second test on the server with the same name. You can use any of them or a combination of them to get high CPS.

Drag Click

Drag clicking is a very fast way to get many clicks per second easily. It entails dragging your finger across the mouse button in such a way that it registers the clicks while moving down the arch.

Butterfly Click

Butterfly clicking looks like a butterfly flapping its wings. You need to use 2 fingers and use them alternatively to press the two buttons.

Regular Click

Regular clicking is how we usually click the mouse and in the position that we normally hold the mouse. This gives the least number of clicks when compared to any other method.

Jitter Click

The jitter clicking method is pretty easy compared to butterfly clicking or any other as it is very similar to regular clicking. This, however, requires clicking one button with one finger continuously and at a very high speed.

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