About Us

At CPS Tests, we have created a community of people who are interested in gaming, technology and are computer geeks. Test Clicks Per Seconds easily in a simple format with 100% accuracy. CPS allows Jitter Click, Kohi Click test, and Scroll tests along with CPS tests of 1 second, 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds,… up to 60 seconds time intervals and enables unlimited practicing of various new and speedy techniques of improving the frequency of clicks per second.

Checking your CPS itself is an addictive game; however, the gamers benefit vastly as CPS Tests enable them to practice before a PvP match in games like Minecraft and games like Clicker Heroes and perform maximum CPS on the final day. The scroll test shows the results in pixels scrolled per second whereas the CPS displays the total number of clicks in the selected time frame as well as the number of clicks per second. There is a ranking system to show the position in context with other users.