Best Aim Trainer Games: For CS Go, Fortnite, Overwatch, and More

best aim trainer games

As e-sports and gaming are becoming more and more prevalent, tools and to become better at this are also becoming more and more relevant. First Person Shooter games (FPS) like CS: Go, Overwatch, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Destiny, Valorant, Call of Duty become a lot easier with the help of such  Aim Trainer Games. Even PUBg is played in FPS and TPS. These games will help you to increase mouse accuracy and make effective clicks instead of random jitter clicking. This actually helps most in PvP matches as you not only have to be accurate but fast also.

Now, most games that have aim training sessions and routine will require you to have access to the game and a computer, preferably Gaming. This might not always be possible; however, that is not the case with aim trainers for FPS games. These are available online, offline, in the app format, and in browsers as well. The list contains games that will enable you to practice your aim for specific games as well. Better your game with below mentioned aim courses.

Remember that an aiming course will not have anything extravagant or better or nice. These games are created for the sole purpose of improving your aim with moving targets. And so, they will have a simple layout. There are different modes, settings, and challenges to make it all the more better and custom. These aim trainers games will ultimately improve your gun mechanics and weapon handling along with bettering your aim. Practice and make each click count!

6 Best Aim Trainer Games and Software for FPS Games: Online and Offline, Paid and Unpaid

 1. Aim Lab

As mentioned above, most aim trainer software has simple graphics to keep the PC requirements down and also to make it easier to design levels. Released by State Space Labs Inc, Aim Lab is the most good looking aim trainer out there with FPS and TPS compatibility that makes it very compatible for gun-focussed players. This aim trainer game serves to be the best for PUBg. It is the best free aim trainer software on the list.

Aim Lab has various functions apart from its training routine and these include focussing on specific skills like precision, target acquiring, and more. What sets it apart is tracks and also analyzes your performance and then determines the type of player that you and then tailors itself accordingly! It gives you suggestions based on your strengths and also gives you a strategy to capitalize on those strengths.

It is available for free on Stream.

Aim Trainer for FPS Games

2. 3D Aim Trainer

3D Aim Trainer is really popular and is often considered among the best 3D aim trainer for FPS games out there. This is because this software has an amazing feature that allows the players to make a choice. They can choose the game that they want to train for and then 3D Aim Trainer adjusts according to that game’s mechanics. And this is not even the best part!

The best part of this aim trainer is that it does not necessarily require installing it on your device. It can be accessed from anywhere and on any device; be it mobile or PC. What’s even better that it does not even ask you to sign up! 3D aim trainer’s many features include that it allows you to create custom training with its many setting options. The game has 2 scenarios: Aiming and Tracking and the focus is on the following FPS skills:

  • Strafe Aiming- Hitting the target as both are moving
  • Clicking- Hitting the target by predicting where it will be on the screen after its movement
  • Flicking- Quickly appearing with the mouse where the target instantly appears
  • Target Switching- Switching between multiple targets as fast as possible
  • Tracking- Locking yourself where the target is moving and tracking its movements

All the current and available weapons are supported and the game is used for every big game out there. It consists of 120 levels along with 11 modes. The rate of fire, reload time and other things like clip size are also available with the aim trainer game. It also considers the character’s movement speed, height, and other parameters. It is one of the best aim trainer games out there for free. The only limitations to say would be of limited feedback compared to other programs. It also requires internet and has only 2 scenarios.

But the pros clearly outweigh the cons here given that it is completely free, requires no installation, and includes both, aiming as well as tracking scenarios.

3. Aiming.Pro is an online free aim trainer game tool used mainly for improving a players’ aiming for shooting games that are FPS based. It is popular among players of Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG, and other such games. This software does not require you to install anything on your device (portable or not). All that a player has to do is signup and create an account on the website. There are practice tests for improving aim.

Hence, when you are done testing, provides you with a detailed report with statistics about your performance. It shows your weak points in the results and the detailed statistics serve the players who are analytical and like to analyze every performance post the game. The report details the players’ accuracy, speed, and other tendencies and lets the player know if they are undershooting or overshooting.

The best thing about this aiming trainer for those who want to climb those leaderboards is that it compares the player’s previous games to the other players all over the world. It gives a lot of statistical and numbered data about your aiming style and makes relevant remarks. As a player, you can compare your skill to that of the rest of the world and it also gives you a check as to where you stand given the competition on the online leaderboard.

best aim trainer games

The platform also provides access to interactive training and these training courses consist of 20 videos over 60 lessons for the complete educational training for aiming better in games. The software, however, lacks graphics. but this in turn makes it all the more desirable for non-gaming PCs and for people who are on the go.

The best thing about this aim trainer for FPS games is that it is very easy to set up with a large variety of training exercises and provides instant feedback after each course. But at the same time, this also requires the internet and is an online aim trainer and does not allow a player to create custom training.

4. Aimtastic

Aimtastic is a free aim trainer for FPS games and like Aim Lab, is available on Stream. It covers a lot ranging from various practice situations

This is one of the best aim trainer games and has 10 training exercises and multiple features that will help the player with the following:

  • Moving and aiming while on the run
  • Training of muscle memory and reflexes
  • Tracking for short distances and long distances
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Reaction speed

A  player also has options to change sensitivity, view field, and other settings to make it apt with a player’s personal gaming style. Like the aim trainer mentioned above, this one also shows you stats and tells you where you are lacking and what you can better. The unique point of this aim trainer game is that it requires very little processing power while the graphics are pretty good! It works in almost any and every device. To be precise, it merely requires 512MB RAM and at least a 64-bit processor. This means you can practice non-stop, anywhere and everywhere!

5. KovaaK 2.0

KovaaK 2.0 is a premium and among the best aim trainer games out there. There are 2 versions to this. 1 is paid and the other is free of cost. The paid one is simply a one-time payment of around $10. The modes in this aim trainer for FPS games are Sandbox and Trainer. These two are main; however, there are others as well. Sandbox is larger and has more than 5500 scenarios and maps as well. The Trainer mode is more focused on flicking with respect to FPS games. It analyzes a person’s performances and helps them to improve their overall skills.

The KovaaK 2.0 also provides guided training sessions and performance analysis tools that make it easier for newbies. Players can create custom maps to fit KovaaK 2.0 to personal their preferences. Players create their own training playlists! Weapons and target models can also be customized. The requirements for this aim trainer are either at least 4GB of RAM and an Intel I3 or an AMD Phenom X3 865.

Following are the values that can be changed in the settings as per preference:

  • Sensitivity Scale
  • FOV measurement
  • Horizontal Sensitivity
  • Vertical Sensitivity locked to Horizontal
  • FOV: for Fortnite, set to 80

A player’s flicking aim can easily be upskilled by adapting and making changes to the set skill level. KovaaK 2.0 has a very engaging community that also helps other players and creates maps, contributes, and more. There are several sponsored competitions every month and the community is very reliable. This creates an environment of healthy competition and makes scope for the growth of players. The only setback of this, one of the best aim trainer, is that it is a bit expensive. It also requires installation and can be quite confusing for newbies as it has a complex setup.

6. Aim

Aim Trainer is a free browser-based game specifically designed to improve the aim of players of First-person Shooter games. Counter-Strike: GO, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege require similar skills that can only be improved using this Aim Trainer. It provides various challenges that are tailormade for each players’ distinct needs. The customization options and various challenges presented here ensure that players get the best from the training. Along with separate modes designed to improve accuracy, reflexes, and speed, with multiple targets that are moving and non-moving; Aim Trainer also has a CPS tester to check the clicks per second of players.

The community created by Aim Trainer is very diverse and at the same time, very active. There are constant and relevant discussions and not a single query gets left without an answer. The only issue some can face is that of graphics. However, it works on every device, including Mac Books.

Which aim trainer games worked best for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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