Best Idle Games For PC, Android and iOS!

Top 7  Best Idle Games for PC:

Idle games, Incremental games of Clicking games; call them what you may. But these games have stood the test of time and still continue to be fan favorites of the gaming community and that is a big deal considering that there are so many games with amazing graphics and a community of millions! Idle games have managed to stay relevant despite not having multiple controls, features, and actions. These are plain clicker games where only tapping on the screen is what there is to be done.

There is a reason why Idle games are also known as incremental games and that can be plainly summed up by saying that they are addictive. The best Idle games that there are the ones that you cannot put down and the ones that motivate you to keep clicking away without a care for food, water and even turning player deaf!

best idle games

#1 Cookie Clicker

It is the number one incremental idle game and synonymous with the game type for a reason. And that is Cookie Clicker was among the very first games and also that it is highly addictive. Made in 2013, although the game was not the first of its kind, it did become very popular with the people. You see a huge cookie once you start. Each click on the big cookie earns you 1 cookie. With the earned cookies, you can buy buildings, plant cookie seeds, hire grandmas to make cookies, get new and updated cursors to make higher and faster clicks. There are mini games in the game a well. These are a means to earn a lot of cookies instantly. There are events that help a player to boost the number of cookies that you already have and these events only last for a limited period of time.

#2 Clicker Heroes

This Idle game is available also for iOS apart from PC and Android. Clicker Heroes is the perfect incremental game for you if you are a lone hero and love to destroy monsters! You start by damaging different types of monsters and then as you gain more points by collecting coins from the damage, you can build allies and underlings that will help you to defeat monsters. You can also level up your allies with the coins. This is a simple yet very fun game for people of all ages.

This one is for you, RPG fanatics!

#3 Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder is one of the best Idle games out there. In this RPG Idle game, you are a ruler of a fantasy kingdom. What you need to do is build buildings, inns, and other things in your kingdom for you to earn income. First, you need to tap on the realm to collect coins. However, over time when you build inns and blacksmiths, they collect it for you. Even when you are offline! There are multiple ways and techniques and paths in which a player can build his/ her empire. The players are given a lot of variety in ways to explore the game and build in their empire.

The best idle game comes with 12 factions and a player can choose anyone from it to side with. This, however, cannot be changed at a later stage. Realm Grinder is available for PC, Android, and iOS as well!

#4 Plantera – Best Farm-Based Idle Game

This game is very simple and starts with the player catching a butterfly in a net and earning a coin. By doing this, the player soon collects enough coins to plant a patch in the field and when the grown plant is harvested and then gathered, more coins are earned and a different plant is sown. Then these 2 plants are sold to make more money and unlock the 3rd plant. Soon, the player unlocks a lot of plants and has a thriving garden with various types of plants. The other side to this is that a player also needs to take care of the crops by warding off magpies and rabbits that come to reap the benefits of the player’s hard work.

This is one among the list of best idle games and is not free on Steam and costs around $2 to $3. Harvest moon players seem to love this game a lot!

#5  Grow Defence

This one is for the tower defense games lovers and we know you will love it. As this is an idle game, the focus is definitely on clicking. The incremental game has a whimsical and very cartoonish style of 3D graphics.

This idle clicking game, considered best by tower defense lovers, was released in the year 2019 and hence has a newness to it. The game features a great combination of the clicker as well as idle games. The varied upgrade options give the castle a completely different appearance as you will progress. You build a better and stronger empire and fight stronger enemies as you keep on going higher.

#6 Adventure Capitalist- Best Money Based Idle Game, Popular

If you have been in idle games then you definitely know about Adventure Capitalist. Even if not, take our word for this, it is among the top best idle games there are and is equally popular. The game is pretty interesting, especially for the clicking interface. This incremental game is interesting as you develop your business starting with a lemonade stall and then making your way up and earning more revenue with each better business. Now why it is an ‘idle’ game? It is because you can hire managers to collect money for you instead of you having to click all the time!

#7 Time Clickers: Top Idle Game for FPS

This amazing FPS (first-person shooter) game is really cool given its futuristic visuals. The FPS incremental game gives the players targets of cubes that need to be shot. These coins drop coins that you need to upgrade your guns that will shoot automatically for the players. The upgrade also increases the damage caused by each shot.

It fulfills the ‘idle game’ concept through the upgraded guns that will fire for you automatically at bigger and tougher enemies. The game has 15 stages known as arenas and a tough enemy awaits the players at the end of each arena. These battles are timed and if the player fails, losing to the enemy, they are thrown a couple of arenas back. Trust us, it gets highly addictive. there are 85 unique enemies in all with 53 artifacts to be collected by the players throughout. There is a team system as well in which the maximum number for each team is 5 players. The team you hire for yourself should be highly skilled sharp shooters. Time Clickers is one of those best idle games that keep you hooked and are incredibly addictive.

Some of the Best Idle Games for Android:

If you have been thinking of downloading the best clicking games on your computer or cellular device, you have come to the right place. We’re going to teach you about the world of mobile clicking games, popularly known as idle games and incremental ones. These are growing in popularity and are available for play on all kinds of different smart phones. Whether you prefer matching games, time-management games, or strategy games, there are so many fun and exciting choices for you to make. Below listed are the 4 best idle games for android.

best idle games for android

#1 Om Nom Merge

Om Nom’s Merge gives the regular clicking games a twist. You earn by eating fruits and the coins earned can be spent on buying characters. Once you buy enough characters you can merge them. You can make your character stronger than ever and also very capable of consuming more fruits. This in turn gains you more coins. There are also options to make it multiplayer, in the sense, a player can join in on the quest with other Nommies and unlock new milestones together. it also conducts tournaments and a player can explore new locations in the magic forest.

#2 Cookies Inc

Cookies Inc requires players to click on cookies, make them, and collect as many coins as they can. Every cookie that you collect earns you cash. The money collected in this way is used to upgrade the players’ cookie business and to make higher profits and returns. The player of this game sets out on an interesting baking adventure so as to become a prosperous entrepreneur. A player has to work towards their dream and keep progressing from being the owner of a small bakery in a small town to being a world-renowned business tycoon.

Sell millions of cookies and unlock achievements. The player can explore and find new bakeries and has to take care that the cookies never go out of stock. Once a player gains enough money, he/ she gets to buy powerful structures. This game also provides the option of inviting friends. You can invite friends to play the game and participate in tournaments to find out who’s a bigger cookie hoarder. Being one of the best idle games, Cookies Inc offers offline support as well, so a player does not have to worry about pausing the game play when busy.

Certain upgrades will also enable the players to discover exciting themes and will take them on a ride to unique bakeries that also sell milkshakes. Pretty cool right?

#3 Medieval Idle Tycoon

If you are someone who loves to indulge in playing passive games or idle games and at the same time slay dragons, then you must definitely install Medieval: Idle Tycoon. In this game, a player needs to build a medieval town, expand their kingdom, and emerge as the ultimate king! The game’s theme is set within the middle ages, where players have put up flights against other kings and queens to revive their throne. You will come across all sorts of castles, buildings, and markets, and multiple opportunities to earn cash.
Managing your city well will earn you profits. Players need to finish quests, improve their buildings, and lead their fantasy empire from the front. Every technological upgrade gives you money and therefore the ability to create gold reserves. The building simulator game requires players to collect the village money, hire advisors, and invest in the medieval business. Grab the best heroes on your side and be entitled to get bonuses and rewards. One of the simplest idle games that can be played even without the internet, Medieval: Idle Tycoon, is unmissable.

#4 Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is another RPG-based idle clicker game that you can try out if you are an ardent idle game fan. Similar to every other game on this list of best incremental games, this one too wants the players to keep clicking, in order to defeat the enemy on the other side. Now you might already know this, Clicker Heroes is very popular on Steam and PC. There are more than 1000 zones in the game for the players who want to have it all.  This also ensures that every experience the player has is unique every time. Players also get to join other clans and get multiplayer gaming. In all, very fun and popular with an amazing community.

5 Best Idle Games for iOS:


To cater to the increasingly growing mobile gaming market, many gaming companies are releasing new titles. Or they are updating old ones to support the touch features of iPhones. Over the past few years, more and more mobile games have been created, many of which can be found at mobile app stores. Mobile games have become more popular than computer or console games in recent years.

The best kind of incremental games is the ones that aren’t overly complex and are easy to pick up and play. These kinds of games are a great way to kill free time. If you don’t have much free time you can usually play them during your lunch break. To help you find the best incremental/ idle game, we have produced a list of the best ones currently available for iDevices.

idle games for iOS

#1 Adventure Communist

On the off chance that you didn’t figure as of now, Adventure Communist comes from similar individuals who assembled Adventure Capitalist. Nonetheless, this inactive clicker may not be just about as simple as the entrepreneur system. Since, here, you should develop certain things like vegetables and even some logical encounters so you can improve the country. Obviously, very much like the other game, AdVenture Communist is likewise loaded up with political jokes and high speed ongoing interaction. You should check it out.

#2 Egg, Inc.

Egg, Inc. is our recommendation for players in the rundown of best idle games or incremental games as they are also referred to. It’s a game where you run an egg manufacturing plant, which can conceivably acquire you millions of in-game money! A player is to raise chickens and construct more houses which will, in turn, help you increase your money. You will likewise need to deal with different things, for example, transportation and keeping up the quality of the eggs. As the players move further ahead in the game, they get to unlock various sorts of quality eggs, which will help the players in increasing their worth and expand the business. It sure is an amazing time killing game for iOS.

#3 Tap ‘n’ Build

Developed by Risto Prins, Tap n Build is yet another clickier game for android and iOS systems on phone mostly. It is completely free of cost. All a player needs to do in this game is to install it from the app store or the playtime and then start clicking! The clicks can be made with all the fingers of the player. This ensures the maximum number of clicks! What needs to be collected are diamonds from the mines. Collect other sources and resources to build a castle on your own, of your own! This idle game is the best because it is all about building. Easy enough for even children to play it but at the same time, interesting enough for adults to play as well. Although the graphics of this game are 2D, they are pretty good.

#4 Tap Titans 2: Hero Legends

Tap Titans 2: Hero Legends is an idle game developed by Game Hive Corporation. It is one of the best idle games or tapping games that there is for android as well as iOS! The game has a vertical display and has amazingly rich graphics for a tapping, incremental game. The game also proves to have an incredible storyline that will make people expecting a sub par clicking game, amused. So in the game, the player has to kill enemies by tapping on them on the screen fast and effectively. There are also fun tournaments with the amazing worldwide community of Tap Titans. This action adventure game has been featured on the App Store about 400+ number of times and that itself says a lot about the game.

#5 Idle Mage Attack

Idle Mage Attack is an action RPG game, but idle at the same time! Developed in November 2016, this game lets its players choose from 30 spells to kill huge numbers of enemies together. What makes it fun and addictive is that this game has 30 different spells that can be upgraded 5 times each to make them even more powerful; this game also has enemies of more than 60 different types! The players get to set raids, create new spells, visit magical but scary portals, dungeons and so much more. It is highly interesting gameplay that also gives the players research projects in the game to gain boosts. The incremental game has runes to collect, staff to enchant, bestiaries to fill, towers to open, and then monsters to defeat. In short, it has it all: all that a game needs to be exciting.

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