What Is Jitter Click Test?

People who are very much into Computer Gaming know what Jitter Clicking is. Jitter click test is used to know how fast your index finger is. It is a technique of left-clicking the mouse button with your index finger, continuously to get more frequent and faster clicks. A jitter click test, however, checks your clicks per second, per 5 seconds, 10 seconds, and more. All you have to do is start clicking in the space provided on the left hand side and you will get your jitter clicking score along with how many clicks you performed within the specified time frame. 

People playing games that feature first-person shooting and many such games like Minecraft (in PvP), Farmville also require you to have a pretty great jitter clicking frequency. Your clicking rate also depends on the mouse you are using. There are also various types of mouse devices available based on your clicking style. Regardless of the mouse you use, you can still try the jitter click test from the left hand side section. Please remember the jitter click test score highly depends on the smoothness of the mouse as well. We recommend using any of the good gaming mouse.

Guide to Jitter Clicking

How to jitter click? If you have no clue then know that at the very base of it, jitter clicking is clicking your mouse with one finger, continuously in order to get the most clicks. Here are a few ways in which you can easily start jitter clicking. 

Firstly, get a decently nice, working mouse as the mouse you have also mattered when you jitter click. It shouldn’t necessarily be a high end one. If you have one, then skip this. 

Grab the mouse properly. Make sure that your hand is not very relaxed or is not leaning or supported by something or a surface. Keep your wrist lifted as this will give you a higher frequency in clicking faster. Your posture plays an important role while measuring the jitter click test online.

One mistake to avoid is covering the button with your whole finger. Keep your index finger arched a little, making a curve over the button. This will make it easy to click faster, back to back.

Vibrate/ move your hand, not the mouse. Don’t use your full arm for this, only the finger and wrist movements should be enough. Do not use a lot of strength as this could result in delayed clicks.

Remember to use only one finger! If you practice this way on a jitter click tester, you are sure to improve your jitter clicking. 

jitter click test

Dangers of Jitter Click Method

As much as you might enjoy this in the beginning, it is important that you know that jitter clicking excessively and wrongly can cause damage and injuries to your hands. Jitter clicking is very safe and not dangerous at all if the range is between 10 to 15 cps. The time limit can be 15 to 30 seconds for jitter click and if you cross that, it can result in long-term damage to your hand, wrist, fingers. Do not participate in the jitter click test often. We recommend that you perform jitter clicking once a month only. However, doctors’ recommendation is still advised.

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Other Methods of Clicking

Instead of continuously practicing just one single method of clicking and increasing the risk of physical injuries to your arm, try mastering other methods as well. Like there is a jitter click test, you can use the same for Butterfly Clicking and Drag Clicking.

Butterfly clicking is a technique of clicking in which you constantly click the two (left and right) buttons on your mouse with your two fingers. It is called butterfly clicking mostly because of how the butterfly flaps its wings. In this, you use 2 buttons and 2 fingers to click faster. It is very effective and efficient for speed clicking.

The drag clicking method is very different from jitter click or butterfly. All you do is slide your finger down the mouse button with one finger and the most amusing part is, if it is done rightly, then you can get up to 30 clicks per second! Yet another test is the scroll test that tests how many pixels you have scrolled and how fast.

Additionally, you can also try cps test online from the homepage section of our website. We also have provided several other mouse clicking test.

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