Kohi Click Test

Kohi click test is widely searched upon by a number of computer game players that but originally Kohi was is a Minecraft server which is a spinoff of MCPVP! Kohi Click Test is also a method of determining your clicks per second. The only difference is that Kohi is a Minecraft server known for its various game modes and Kohi Test is on that server, Minecraft players need a higher click per second score to have a higher kill score in PvP (Player vs. Player). So it is mostly used by Minecraft players. 

Why Is Kohi Clicking Speed Important?

Most of the PC games that people play require skill and that is muscle memory. You need to know where each key is, and where to click, but also you need to be sure to also be fast. Faster than your opponent. In order to build this muscle memory, you need to have practice, a good way to practice fast and effective clicking is the Kohi click test. Kohi clicker helps you to build the fast clicking skill without affecting your score in the game. Kohi cps test is available free of cost to everyone. There are several advantages of using our kohi click test tool over others

  • Free of cost tool available for all
  • Compete with the top performer to improve your performance
  • Unlimited kohi click test
  • Restart the kohi clicker whenever you want
  • Set different seconds to perform kohi cps test

You can also other practice cps test online and apply them in the games.


kohi click test

Types of Clicking

There are several types of clicking styles that help you click faster and are often considered hacks and cheats. Auto clickers are often used in such case. We recommend not to use such clickers to get higher score in kohi click test. Our software can easily detect the use of such auto clickers and can get your score nullified.

Some people even ban the use of techniques to get faster clicks and these are considered cheating. You can get automatic clicks as well but that is cheating and unprofessional and you might want to avoid it. It can also get you banned. So it is better to practice using a kohi clicker or a cps test

Gamers can try several other different mouse clicking tests available on our website. Butterfly Clicking is clicking using two fingers and two buttons of a computer mouse at a very high speed. You can achieve great efficiency with this method and the other one, which is jitter clicking

Jitter clicking is simply continuous clicking with one finger at full speed. It also, however, has a technique instead of aggressively clicking away.

Another test for a computer mouse is the scroll test.  The scroll test makes sure to tell you how many pixels you have scrolled in the given time.

Drag clicking is sliding your finger over the computer mouse button and getting up to 35 clicks per second and this kohi cps test helps you to figure out the clicks and gaming mouses tend to tremendously increase your kohi cps test score.

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