What is a scroll test?

A mouse scroll test helps you to test the scrolling of your mouse. It checks how much your mouse can scroll. The answer to how much scrolled is shown in pixels, for instance, it shows “5000 pixels scrolled” there is no score or pixels per second like in the click per second test or the kohi click test. 

This online tool helps you to test your vertical scrolling using your mouse wheel and is often called a computer mouse scroll wheel test or a scroll wheel test by most people who play computer games where your gameplay is affected by your scrolling speed. Some people use this tool of a roller speed test to check the scroll wheel on their new mouse before buying one. Gaming mouses tend to give a relatively high score of the pixels scrolled as they are more efficient.

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How to Take a Scroll Wheel Test?

Taking the scroll wheel speed test is very easy. Follow these simple steps to take a scroll wheel test. 

Firstly, as this is an online test, you need to have an internet connection on your computer. Then you need to go to the above given plain space and scroll your mouse roller to check the sped of your mouse’s scroll wheel. At the end of your scrolling, it will give you the exact number of pixels scrolled by your scroll wheel.

If there was any disturbance or if you are not satisfied with the test, you can do it again until you are satisfied with the result. This is possible because you get unlimited sessions of scroll wheel test on this tool on cpstests.online. It also has various types of mouse tests like the jitter clicking test, kohi click test, and more.

Scroll as fast as you can!

Various Mouse Scroll Wheel Tests

Apart from the mouse scroll speed test, there are also several other tests for a computer mouse that will help you assess your mouse’s clicking and scrolling abilities. Even if your mouse is in perfect condition, by performing the below-mentioned tests, you can improve your ability to use it. 

CPS Test – The full form of this is Clicks Per Second Test and it helps you to click faster and test your ability of fast clicking. You can also take it for various time intervals of 1 second, 2 seconds, 5 seconds up to 60 seconds.

Kohi Test – The Kohi test is also a clicking speed test that analyses the number of clicks in a given time and gives you a score. Apart from being useful, it is also addictive.

Jitter Click Test – The jitter click test is clicking aggressively and continuously with one finger, one button, and making the most clicks in the minimum time.

Mouse Scroll Speed Test – The mouse scroll test is known by its many names. It is known as roller speed test among the teens and scroll wheel test among people older than that. It gives you an answer in pixels scrolled.

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